As a large club we can cover a wide range of abilities. We usually have more than 20 Senior teams and 20 Junior teams as well as at least 10 Midweek teams. There are 3 possible teams to play in and you can play in any one, two or three!

  • Singles teams – a team of 4 where you play 1 singles match and 1 doubles match. Men play on Monday evenings or Tuesday evenings depending on your grade (lower grades Monday). Ladies teams play on Wednesday evenings. Play starts at 6pm and matches are usually scheduled every second week.
  • Mixed Doubles teams – a team of 8, 4 men and 4 ladies. Matches are on Saturday afternoons, start at 1pm and are usually every second week. You play a doubles match followed by a mixed doubles match. The host team brings plates of food to enjoy after the match is completed and usually there is a bar for afterplay refreshment.
  • Women's and Men's Doubles teams – a team of 4 women or men where you play 2 doubles matches. Play is on Thursday evenings and starts at 7pm. Again, matches are every second week.
All matches begin mid September and finish around April.

If you are interested, please email immediately as teams are now being organised.

During the season there are opportunities to become a Reserve player who substitutes when a Regular team member is unavailable. This sometimes leads to becoming a Regular team member during the season.

Please note the above interclub options do NOT include ladies mid-week interclub (which is the competition run by North Shore Ladies) that takes place on Monday and Tuesday mornings. For information on this interclub please contact Louise Morris on 478 5654.